No Facebook Friends: Things I’ve Gained

Around the end of the Christmas holiday I made a big decision in this technological world. I deleted all my Facebook friends. You know how when God wants you to do something but you don't (or willfully so) pick up on it? That would be me. I had the idea of a big Facebook cleanse… Continue reading No Facebook Friends: Things I’ve Gained


Self Care

Self care and modelling self care is important. I'm struggling with this. Having experienced a first failure to thrive baby who had reflux I'm re-learning that every cry is not a "red alert". That it is ok to finish that last bite, drink water, take a shower. I was stuck in that mode, dropping everything… Continue reading Self Care


My Son, My Teacher

Our blessed boy, Mr. Kickypants, has had a quick labor, illnesses, teething, constipation problems, and food issues in his nine short months Earthside. One thing has stuck out to me this whole time, his happiness. Not much gets him down. Even when he is feeling miserable there is always a smile at hand. I, and… Continue reading My Son, My Teacher