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2017-2018 Curriculum for 1st Grade and Preschool

The following are my curriculum selections as we go into the 2017-2018 year. You may or may not want to use these. I may or may not want to use these. 😉 This is for my daughter who will be starting first grade and my son who will be starting preschool. Format taken from www.ourhomeontherange.blogspot.com 

Daughter: first grade, Mater Amabilis level 1b 

Son: Preschool, Wee Folk Art Simple Seasons Homeschool Companions


  • Liturgical Year- Catholic Mosaic. Pre-K will participate in crafts and listen to whatever he can sit still for. 😉
  • Literature
    • Classic Literature –
      • Term 1: Doctor Doolittle
      • Term 2: Pippi Longstocking
      • Term 3: Paddington Bear
      • etc. Mr. Popper’s Penguins.
    • Tales – English Fairy Tales
      • American Tall Tales
      • Blue Fairy Book
      • The Orchard Book of the Unicorn and Other Magical Animals
    • Simple Seasons books
    • Fables –  Aesop’s Fables – these are what we will start with for narration because they are short.
    • Exploring Nature with Children Selections
  • Ancient History – Connecting with History Volume 1
  • Poetry:
    • Wee Folk Art Homeschool Companion selections,
    • Exploring Nature with Children selections
    • The Harp and Laurel Wreath
  • Nature Study Enrichment –Exploring Nature With Children with our co-op
  • French – Cherrydale Press
  • Music Appreciation –
  • Music learning – Songs
    • Making Music Praying Twice
    • Various selections of Folk Songs, Americana, Liturgical selections, fingerplays,etc.
  • Picture Study – Come Look With Me Series
  • Homeschool Field Trip Co-op

First Grade:

  • New Testament – New Catholic Picture Bible
  • Catechism – Faith and Life 1: Our Heavenly Father, Faith and Life 1 Activity book
  • Saints – Once Upon a Time Saints, More Once Upon a Time Saints
  • Math – MEP Math Level 1 and into 2.
    • Math Games like dominoes, uno, qwuirkle, etc.
    • Math Drill as needed using online worksheet generators
  • Reading- All About Reading Level 1 and going into Level 2. All About Spelling Level 1 when we pick up All About Reading Level 2.
  • Writing – Getty Dubay Italic Writing series starting with book A, but I haven’t decided if I want to go with cursive instead. I’m still debating.
  • Copywork and Dictation – Still ruminating. I might go Complete Writer. I just don’t know yet.
  • Geography –
    • Family Geography
    • My own picture book geography curriculum, that I am continuing to develop based on the one in prep K level. We are going to go around again, more in depth
  • Science/Earth Studies
    • Nebel Science
    • Rivers and Oceans
  • Mapwork
    • I will print blank maps and we will identify places in our readings
    • We will also be using Maps, Charts, and Graphs book A because my daughter enjoys workbooks.
  • Nature Study – Pagoo plus exploring nature with children with our co-op
  • Art Instruction – Local art classes, The Artful Parent, and Usborne books on art. If great interest is shown I may splurge for Artistic Pursuits.
  • Music Instruction – Violin
  • Physical Education –
    • Homeschool Phys Ed at the Y
    • Ballet and Tap
    • swimming lessons
  • Practical Work –
    • Chores and simple cooking lessons using Raddish
    • Basic sewing skills




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