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Week 17 2016-2017

This week was short because the beginning of the week we were travelling home from Christmas vacation. This week starts the first week in our homeschool of Winter Wonderland term in the Wee Folk Art Curriculum. I am using week two as I was unable to find our primary book at the library for week 1 subject matter



This week we continued our bible readings in The New Catholic Children’s Bible. We read one reading this week “Balaam and the Angel” and she told some of it back to me spontaneously.


We decided to work on a family rosary together and did some internet research to decide which one we want to make. We decided to use wood beads and cord to make a large and single decade ones. The book we are using to learn about the rosary is Speak Lord I am Listening. The illustrations are beautiful! Note there are charts in the back that help you understand the book. Don’t miss them!

Catholic Mosaic

This week was Epiphany. We read The Last Straw by Frederick Thury which is a lovely story about where the phrase “The straw that broke the camel’s back” came from.


This week we read “First Snow” by Marie Louise Allan and “A Winter Dawn” by Lucy Maud Montgomery


This week we read Week 2 Winter Wonderland Wee Folk Art selections “Snowballs” by Lois Ehlert and “How do You Know It’s Winter?” by Lisa M. Herrington. My kids especially like the book Snowballs. We also made paper snowflakes for the window.


Language Arts


This week we continued with our All About Reading Pre-Reading lessons.  Find it here. We finished Lessons #58-60, (sounds /f/-/h/). Soon we will be ready to read!


We are continuing our practice in the Getty-Dubay series Book A and finished 3 more letters we had missed. Find the Getty Dubay Series here.


MEP Math Reception Level (find it here) we did lessons 48 and 49 this week. Which discussed symmetry, addition, mental math, and we finally nailed the concept of more than, and less than and how many more or less .



This week we are continuing our trek through Asia in books. The week before we left on vacation we spent a couple days in China. This week we spent two days in South Korea and cooked a Korean meal on Saturday. We read “Bee Bim Bop” and made the recipe in the back on Saturday.

Rave reviews from the kids and we are going to add it to our menu rotation! We colored in South Korea on our map and labeled Seoul. We watched this YouTube video of a Korean fan dance

and made paper fans ourselves.



We continued our reading in Stories of Great Americans for Little Americans. My daughter loves these little stories. Please note I DO edit them heavily because of language and how Native Americans and African-Americans are portrayed. It was originally printed in 1895 so I keep that in mind. I DO take this opportunity to lay the seeds for critical thinking and understanding. So I do discuss how races are portrayed in history texts. Most of our recordings of history are from the Western viewpoint so I think it is important to, age appropriately, discuss this from an early age.

This week we read about Benjamin West and looked up  some of his most famous paintings.

Benjamin West self-portrait 1763


“Benjamin Franklin Drawing Electricity from the Sky” by Benjamin West, 1816

My daughter said, “Oh! I have seen that before!” I had the same reaction. Really cool story about how West’s parents encouraged him to make a career out of his talent. West went on to be an official painter for the royal court and was commissioned to paint a very large portrait of George III in 1772. From then on he recieved 1,000 pounds a week to be an official royal historical painter. After his loss of royal patronage in the early 19th century he painted several large religious works to fund himself. In 1792 he became president of the Royal Academy.

Nature Study

We are using the curriculum Exploring Nature with Children by Lynn Seddon. Usually we lead a Nature club walk but these first two weeks are indoor observation and it is in the single digits right now. (Too cold for your average Kansan). This week we talked about “Winter Sky” and are recording the weather and sunset and sunrise times to observe how the days are getting longer. Today we will be doing a watercolor of the sunset. We are fortunate to have a lovely open horizon to observe the sunset.

Picture Study

This week our picture study is “A Winter Sky” by George Iness.

"A Winter Sky" by George Iness
“A Winter Sky” by George Iness

It came with our Nature study notes. We pointed out the things we can see in the picture and discussed how the artist uses red to pull the eye to the middle of the picture. We identified the main colors that Mr. Iness used to create the picture and if we can find those colors in the outdoors around us.

Please note this post contains affiliate links. Your purchase through these links supports our homeschooling expenses and fund to build a log cabin artists’ retreat in the woods by hand. Thank you. 


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