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Week One 2016

As I stated this year we are using Wee Folk Art Homeschool Simple Seasons as our spine with Mater Amabilis informing our day.



We started our first week reading the Creation story in the book of Genesis and acted out the days with a movement activity each day. We also discussed that the Catechism of the Catholic church believes in the creation of the soul, but not necessarily that the creation story is truth (we believe in evolution in this house, you may not. That’s ok!). We tied this into starting to read about Native American creation stories with our history studies (pre-1600’s North America)

Day 1: Light. We went into a dark room and I told the story and turned on the flashlight to show God creating light

Day 2: Sky and water: We played with a water bin outside and stood and Eldest Daughter explained wind to her brother, unprompted by me. We also had questions about what “atmosphere is” and looked at pictures of earth from outerspace.

Day 3: Land Sea and vegetation: This tied into our vegetable theme and we talked about all the different plants there are! Which is  A LOT.

Day 4: Sun Moon and Stars: We went outside late that night and looked at the stars

Day 5: Fish and Birds: We combined this with looking at birds outside.

Saints and Catholic Mosaic: 

Since Mother Teresa was canonized this week. We read “Mother Teresa” by Demi and colored a page with Mother Teresa. Eldest Daughter said she want to do a food pantry box for the food shelf instead of an advent calendar this year. So I put a pin in that idea.  😉 We also watched the concert on EWTN.


We are working on “Little Boy Blue” for the next few weeks. See our memorywork index here.

We also read the corresponding letter for each day out of “The Complete Book of Flower Fairies


This week we read “Tops and Bottoms” by Janet Stevens and “The Vegetables We Eat” by Gail Gibbons. We also read “The Hare and the Tortoise” out of our Aesop’s Fables illustrated by Milo Winter.

And chapter 2 in “Pippi Longstocking” by Astrid Lindgren


We are using the All About Reading Pre-Reading program and are on track to finish up by mid November and move on to All About Reading Level 1.

We love using Wiki Stix for making letters, and Gluten free clay or playdough. I often use my own playdough recipe but clay may be more convenient for you.


We are working through MEP Reception level. This week we did lessons

We use these counters when we need to be hands on visual with a concept.

And these math rods

We are also doing activities with these number flash cards up to 100. I love love love The Measured Mom for extra math practice and games. These are super fun for any time. I plan to use her printables to teach the things that MEP does not, which are money, time,  and measurement.

We are doing both World and US History but our main focus is US history. We are reading stories from Turn of the Century and Stories of Great Americans for Little Americans, which I am censoring heavily for political correctness. Find my page of picture books used for history here.

This week we read “The Legend of the Bluebonnet” by Tomie de Paola and started to talk about pre-1700 America.


We are reading around the world. We are swapping out some of the choices that Mater Amabilis offers for ones that we can find at the library.

This week we read “Me on the Map” and made a map of Eldest Daughter’s room and house, pulled out maps of our town and traced our bi-annual trip to see family on a US map. Then we looked at where the US is on the globe and discussed continents and what a country is.

Nature Study

We went and worked in the garden a little. Harvested tomatoes and some cow-peas for dry storage, last of the cucumbers. We also talked about what our favorite vegetable is to grow and what kinds of insects live in our garden.

Picture Study

We are using the book “Come Look with Me: World of Play”. It has the artwork and questions to ask your child about the art to get them to start thinking critically. This week we studied the Minoan fresco “Bull Vaulting”


Music Study


We have started to study Bach through the SQUILT program, and listened to “Prelude and Fugue No. 1 in C major, BWV 846” . I may switch over to Maestro Classics. We’ll give it awhile to see.


If you are Catholic I cannot recommend the Traditional Catholic Living newsletter enough. She does a BEAUTIFUL job bringing music into your home each month. We are working on memorizing the Doxology this term as well. Visit her site for HOW to do hymn memorization. This month was “Mary the Dawn”.

Traditional Catholic Living Hymn Study


This month we are learning “Home on the Range” for kicks. Since we have a lot of road trips and it seems appropriate. Plus it’s the Kansas state folk song. 🙂

You can pick and choose from so many things! I like the Wee Sing series of books for ideas. Like Wee Sing America, Wee Sing Silly Songs, Wee Sing Fun n’ Folk.

Activities and Field Trips

We visited our local produce stand and looked at the variety of produce for sale. Eldest Daughter was surprised that different produce comes from all over the world to her corner store! A connection to our geography study was made.


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