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Best Laid Plans

Hello there world.

I let this blog go silent because we basically dropped homeschooling. We had a new baby. I was very sick for a long time. And my daughter just didn’t want to have anything to do with me, she had a healthy dose of skepticism as to my grasp on this mortal coil, we had deaths around us, and it upended her perception of the world. So we, *gasp*, just let her be a kid. She’s now 5 and recently said “mama, teach me how to read.” That was my signal to reintroduce something like school. But I’m modeling ours on Kindergarten before standardized testing stole childhood. You remember fingerpaint? Mud pies? Learning through play? Yes.

I’m lesson planning and using Tina’s Homeschool Dynamic Plus planner as a basis for my own. I also made my own version of a checklist provided in the Mater Amabilis Facebook group. I will provide those in PDF format for download here. They combine Wee Folk Art, , and Mater Amabilis at K level. We break off and do a lot of Catholic Icing stuff based on CGS style liturgical learning during Lent and Advent. I’m finding peg dolls, puppets, and story stones invaluable for introducing Charlotte Mason narration to my young kids. Hoping to provide a DIY blog post on those soon. You need to make the main archetypal characters to have on hand.

I’m also designing our own interactive weather chart and calendar because we still struggle with the days of the week, and passage of time. I’m hoping to nail that down this year in a hands on way. We started weather charting, tracking temperature and clouds on paper and it’s helping this summer. I hope to upload a PDF pattern for you to make your own, along with a Jesse Tree pocket calendar pattern. I would hope that you wouldn’t mind paying a couple bucks for each.




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