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Nature Notebook

I took the idea from Wee Folk Art and she made her nature notebook for the year, with me helping with the tough to cut or punch parts. We got the crayon water color resist idea for the web from The Artful Parent. We are currently waiting to go out and get a stick for in the rubber bands until it starts to get dark, then the wasps will be going to bed for the night. 😉 Nature study is one of the crucial pillars of a Charlotte Mason Style education. This notebook will go into her nature backpack which I am making a bag from nature print fabric using a Peek a Boo Pattern Shop pattern. In this nature backpack will be binoculars, a compass, nature notebook, magnifying glass, container with holes for bug collecting, a camera, and water bottle. A nature walk is on our plan weekly, and we will most likely be going to Great Plains Nature Center for that as they have a storytime every Tuesday morning during the fall. She will be required to make a minimum of one entry a week in the nature notebook. That can be a drawing, something she tells me about and I write down for her, a pressed flower or plant, a picture of something, etc.



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