My Son, My Teacher

Our blessed boy, Mr. Kickypants, has had a quick labor, illnesses, teething, constipation problems, and food issues in his nine short months Earthside. One thing has stuck out to me this whole time, his happiness. Not much gets him down. Even when he is feeling miserable there is always a smile at hand. I, and everyone else, can learn from this. No matter what our pain or struggles we still should try to find the JOY in life, the silver linings.

On my grumpiest days he is my constant reminder to seek more joy, to find the good in today. I believe God sent him to us at exactly the right time. For me, at least, as his mother, I am learning so much. He is helping my evolution as a person. To relax. To chill. To realize that even if today is awful, tomorrow may not be, the next hour may not be. That the lowest of lows means the highest of highs will be felt much more if I listen. He is observant, willing to sit back and listen and just be. We need to do more of that. Just be. Reduce business, simplify. I am finally ok with that, and he has been the push I needed. Not only that he is the second child and now I laugh at how I thought I was busy with one child (yeah right!), but he is teaching me.

His pregnancy was unbelievably hard. So hard that we are done seeking more children. God made it poignantly clear that that wasn’t our path. Through prayerful discernment we have realized that who Mr. KP is  IS the blessing. A boy who can find joy in the worst, revel in the fact that he is ALIVE. Still humorous when he has sorrow. I am waiting and watching in wonder to see how his personality unfolds. It’s my favorite part of being a parent. Meeting my children slowly. Most awesome thing in the world.


I am listening tiny sensei, and I am joyful to learn. 




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