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2017-2018 Curriculum for 1st Grade and Preschool

The following are my curriculum selections as we go into the 2017-2018 year. You may or may not want to use these. I may or may not want to use these. 😉 This is for my daughter who will be starting first grade and my son who will be starting preschool. Format taken from http://www.ourhomeontherange.blogspot.com  Daughter:… Continue reading 2017-2018 Curriculum for 1st Grade and Preschool

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Mosaic Feast Day Calendar

More than one person has had trouble downloading my files. So I'm posting them in separate posts. This is a calendar I made so I can track when the feast days are for the curriculum "Catholic Mosaic" and the liturgical year colors so I know how to change my feast table for the kids at… Continue reading Mosaic Feast Day Calendar

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Week 17 2016-2017

This week was short because the beginning of the week we were travelling home from Christmas vacation. This week starts the first week in our homeschool of Winter Wonderland term in the Wee Folk Art Curriculum. I am using week two as I was unable to find our primary book at the library for week… Continue reading Week 17 2016-2017

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Our Living Books 2016-2017

Just a quick post to share what we are doing for each of our subjects this year. We are again using the methods of Charlotte Mason to teach our kids, which is based on using "living books" and narration as the foundation of learning. Narration is where you take a chunk of what you read… Continue reading Our Living Books 2016-2017

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Best Laid Plans

Hello there world. I let this blog go silent because we basically dropped homeschooling. We had a new baby. I was very sick for a long time. And my daughter just didn't want to have anything to do with me, she had a healthy dose of skepticism as to my grasp on this mortal coil,… Continue reading Best Laid Plans

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Nature Notebook

I took the idea from Wee Folk Art and she made her nature notebook for the year, with me helping with the tough to cut or punch parts. We got the crayon water color resist idea for the web from The Artful Parent. We are currently waiting to go out and get a stick for in… Continue reading Nature Notebook